Ricardo Salas resides in Dallas, TX and is a self-taught, abstract artist using acrylics and oil paint as his preferred medium. He has always loved art, but only recently started putting his pent up creativity on canvas. 

Originally choosing paint because it was his son's favorite, Ricardo quickly became lost in the medium. Watching his son's personal fascination with colors and continual growth spurred the artists own observance. Anything and everything started with a scrape from a maxed out credit card. Ricardo began scraping paint on canvas after canvas, forcing his focus into single textures and colors to allow him an absence from everything else around him.

Following his intuition , Ricardo began to practice absolute immersion in his work, following a question within a half finished work and wrestling with it to the works completion. His painting style is driven by curiosity, but ending with understanding the possibility of having full control. Through visualization, practice and appreciation, Ricardo is beginning to trust his work as much as the growth of himself and his son.